Alumni in News

At AIMU we are proud of our Alumni and their achievements. We hereby highlight the accomplishments of some of our alumni:

Maria Hasapoglou, MD, MPH

Dr. Hasapoglou will be joining Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, Europe’s leading center for alternative medicine where all stages of health disorders and chronic diseases are treated naturally. She will be doing a certificate course in biological medicine. We wish her best of luck.





Abdullah S Abbasi, MD

Abdullah S Abbasi, MD

Feed to Grow Pakistan continued with service with 4th Medical Camp in the historic town of Ghaziabad, Azaad Kashmir. It was held with the co-operation and dedication of Needs Provider Welfare Foundation (NPWF).

More than 700 patients of different ages were served, majority were children under the age of 10. Free medications were given to all the patients. Dr. Abbasi would like to thank the architect behind this camp – Sardar Arshad Abbasi Shb for initiating this idea and inviting Dr. Abbasi to Ghaziabad. He would like to thank the chairman of NPWF – Faisal Abbasi – and his young team for organizing this grand medical camp. He also thanks the patients, honorable guests, volunteers, assistant doctors and all the young ones who were there to make this event a success.

Dr. Abbasi would like to share some disheartening and thought provoking facts: about 80%-90% of the children seen were malnutritioned, severely anemic and underweight. Majority of them were unhygienic and about 10% were disabled with/without even knowing their issues.

At the end of the camp, Dr. Abbasi educated the seniors, leaders of the area and made them aware of what’s happening with their children. I also committed to go back to help them with a bigger setup and team if needed.

Dr. Abbasi is has received a couple of very generous financial donations, thank you very much for supporting the noble cause. Thank you to NPWF for their pharmaceutical donations. The 5th Free Medical Camp was held in Sha Allah be held on Sunday, 3rd December 2017. Venue – Dewal Sharif –  a place very close to my heart, because it’s his maternal grandparent home.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Abbasi in order to send donations for Feed to Grow Pakistan.



Clarence St. Hilaire, MD

Dr. St. Hilaire started his medicine studies at AIMU in May 2012, and arrived with a nursing, business and public administration background earning bachelor, and master degree, prior joining to AIMU. He wants to specialize in gastroenterology, but first wants to complete an internal medicine residency. He feel he is an efficient doctor, wants to do research, and to make AIMU proud.

Dr. St. Hilaire published a research article titled “The social dimensions of the preventive efficient stress situation model (PRESS) questionnaire in light of the general self-efficacy, health belief model, the theory of care-seeking behavior, and symbolic interactionism in healthcare”. The objective of the project is to first assess stress, a preventive efficient stress situation model (PRESS) questionnaire based on social dimensions of stress can be utilized before any stress reduction program, or training. Stress has been considered at the psychological level only. The social aspects of stress are tied to the neuroendocrine framework, particularly the role of amygdala and prefrontal cortex for perceptions and responses to stressors. Increased amygdala activities have been tied to traumatic experiences such as 9/11, city living, and countryside living, which are additional benchmarks to the social continuum in which stress evolves. These are interesting points in the arguments raised. Click to access to article or to download.